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"We Are Tov" is dedicated to combating antisemitism, debunking misinformation, and critically assessing the application of fundamental principles in a world full of contradictions. At the heart of our movement lies the powerful ideal of personal responsibility – to see with your own eyes, to hear with your own ears.


We are firm believers that, in doing so, each individual can know the truth, illuminating the path for others in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.


We are committed to using our platform to share firsthand testimonies and rigorously verified information, hoping we move people beyond pre-judgments, assumptions, and misguided conclusions that often flood and divide our society.

Mission Statement

In an academic landscape where hatred, biases, and prejudice against Zionism and Jewish identity persist, "We Are Tov" emerges as a powerful beacon of truth, unity, and positivity. Our unwavering mission is to reshape perceptions, promote deep understanding, and foster an environment of respect, inclusivity, and empathy on college campuses.

Our vision is a collegiate world where Zionism is not only understood but celebrated, where Jewish identities are not just respected but cherished, and where campuses are havens of inclusivity, diversity, and knowledge.

"We Are Tov" stands as a resounding testament to the goodness that permeates our mission in an era besieged by prejudice, antisemitism, and propaganda. Together, we strive to foster an academic landscape where all identities are valued, discrimination is eradicated, and every student and faculty member can thrive in an atmosphere of enlightenment and mutual respect.

Our Goals

Amending Journalistic Practices

We are dedicated to reforming journalistic practices within academic institutions, guaranteeing fair and unbiased representation of Zionism and Jewish perspectives across all campus media outlets. Through collaborations with student journalists and media organizations, our goal is to establish guidelines that uphold the principles of accurate reporting and embrace diverse viewpoints. 

Advocacy and Support

We will actively oppose the denigration of Jewish and Zionist identities, providing support to those experiencing discrimination or bias. By conducting awareness campaigns, hosting educational workshops, and offering direct support, we aim to foster a campus environment that prioritizes safety and respect for all students.

Student-Professor-Alumni Alliance

At "We Are Tov," we believe in the profound influence that educators can have on shaping the perspectives and attitudes of students. To further our mission of combating antisemitism and promoting inclusivity, we are dedicated to forging a strong alliance between students, alumni, and professors.

  1. Dialogue and Engagement: We will facilitate open and constructive dialogue between students and professors to foster understanding and cooperation. These dialogues will serve as a platform for students to express their concerns, share experiences, and seek guidance while providing educators with insights into the challenges students may face.

  2. Faculty Training:  "We Are Tov" will offer resources and workshops for faculty members to enhance their awareness of antisemitism and the importance of inclusivity. This training will empower educators to address issues related to discrimination and bias in their classrooms and create an environment where all students can thrive.

  3. Curriculum Enhancement: We will collaborate with professors to incorporate diverse perspectives, including those of Zionism and Jewish identity, into academic curricula. This inclusion will promote a richer, more well-rounded educational experience and contribute to a more inclusive campus environment.

  4. Mentorship Programs: To strengthen the bond between students and professors, we will establish mentorship programs that allow students to connect with educators who share their interests and values. These mentorship opportunities will provide students with guidance and support while fostering a sense of belonging within the academic community. By nurturing a Student-Professor Alliance based on understanding, education, and mentorship, "We Are Tov" aims to create a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere within academic institutions where both students and educators work together to combat discrimination and promote respect for all identities and perspectives. 

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