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Identify Your Representative:

  1. Visit the official website of the United States House of Representatives at

  2. Use the "Find Your Representative" tool by entering your ZIP code. If your ZIP code overlaps multiple districts, you may need to enter your street address to identify the correct representative.

  3. Once you've identified your representative, click on their profile to find their contact information, including their official email address or a contact form on their website.


Subject: Urgent Need to Address the Surge in Antisemitism in NYC – [Your District]"


Dear Representative [Last Name],


As a concerned resident of [Your District/City], I am writing to draw your attention to a deeply troubling issue that has been escalating in our community: the significant rise in antisemitic incidents. It has come to my attention that these incidents now constitute over 50% of all hate crimes in New York City, a statistic that is both alarming and unacceptable (source: NYPD via i24NEWS).


This surge in antisemitism is not just an attack on the Jewish community; it represents a direct challenge to the values of diversity and tolerance that are the bedrock of our society. The fabric of our community is strengthened by its diversity, and it is imperative that we stand united against any form of hate that seeks to undermine this.


In light of these developments, I urge you to take decisive action by:

  • Supporting legislation that enhances the protection of Jewish communities and institutions.

  • Promoting educational initiatives that raise awareness about the history and impact of antisemitism.

  • Ensuring funding for security measures at Jewish synagogues, schools, and community centers.


Your leadership and commitment to addressing this issue are vital. By taking a stand against antisemitism and implementing these measures, we can work towards a community where every individual, regardless of their background, feels safe, valued, and respected.


Thank you for your attention and action on this critical issue.



[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your Contact Information]

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